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Temescal Valley Water District (TVWD) Sewer Lift Station,
Temescal Canyon, CA



Adkan Engineers was contracted to work as a part of the Engineering Team that was selected to design and oversee the construction of a Sewer Lift Station capable of conveying the 3.33 Peak Flow needed to service the Terramor and Sycamore Creek master planned communities as well as the surrounding residential, commercial and municipal developments in the Temescal Valley. The site was on the north side of the Temescal Canyon Road and adjacent to the Temescal Valley Wash. Adkan Engineers coordinated site layout with other consultants and incorporated a grading plan that encompassed site drainage, overflow storage, combination retaining/screen walls and flood protection. Being an essential facility, the site was protected by a reinforced concrete revetment able to withstand the 15,900 CFS FEMA floodway as well as the anticipated scour. During construction Adkan worked closely with the contractor to ensure proper construction as well as protection of the existing active stream and environmental constraints.