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Pulte Homes / Warmington Residential Tract 29515


This project is a 104-large lot housing development on 220 acres. Adkan Engineers prepared all improvement plans for the project. The project exhibits two large arch culverts that required hydrologic modeling and structural design as well as a sewer lift station that served a portion of the project. The City’s Prenda Arroyo traverses the site and it was critical to assure that the natural watercourse was protected from construction silt due to erosion. Off-site right-of-way exhibits and legal descriptions were prepared and recorded in conjunction with this project. The master infrastructure was completed in 2010. Adkan remained involved in the project for precise grade plans on the proposed home sites for Warmington Residential upon their purchase of the property in 2013.

Riverside, CA

Services Performed

  • Boundary And Topographic Survey
  • Engineering Plan Preparation
  • Sewer Lift Station Design
  • Arch Culvert Design
  • Construction Staking


Pulte Homes / Warmington Residential