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Friends of the Riverside Airport

Friends of Riverside Airport, Riverside, CA



Adkan is currently acting as the QSD/QSP for the Friends of Riverside Airport. The Friends recently completed an environmental cleanup and Adkan served to ensure Risk II discharge permit compliance through a lawsuit against the client by a local environmental agency. Adkan additionally completed all improvement plan sets for the client including Street, storm drain, sewer and water, signing and striping and grading, and completed the hydrology calculations for the project, both for the final construction and for interim detention basins during the cleanup. Additionally, Adkan is the Surveyor of record for the project and provided precise locations for every point tested for the environmental cleanup, completed all boundary work, recorded the project tract map, set aerial targets multiple times for topographical maps to determine earthwork quantities through the cleanup and is providing construction staking for all improvement plans.

Services Performed

  • Plan Check Services
  • Urban Stormwater Review and Inspections
  • Survey and Mapping