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If in any case you’d want to renovate or rebuild your house, it is imperative to know the legal history of the land where your house is situated. This allows you to be free from defying any legalities. The following are some tips and tricks that will help you out.

Essence of Surveying

As the owner, it is important to know everything concerning your land regarding legal matters. This involves knowing your property’s boundaries and easements. It is essential that every homeowner to have a Surveyor Real Property Report, which is a document that shows the exact boundaries and location of your home. In addition, it shows exactly where things such as swimming pools and driveways are located.

Length of a Survey

To begin with, it is important to note that you do not have to survey your house every time since they are permanent legal documents. However, in any case some amendments have to be enforced it is important to consider surveying in order to update the Surveyor Real Property Report, even if you are to add a fence.

Considerably, it is always important to ask any buyer for a current survey report because it directly affects financing. Therefore, whether you are selling a house or buying a house, always ask or have a current survey.

Importance of a Survey

As seen above, having a survey done on your property or potential property is important in order to renovate or add anything in that home. Some of the greatest contentions between neighbors happen when one encroaches just one foot into each other’s yard.

Surveys range from few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand of dollars. However, several factors affect the cost of the survey. Some of the factors are –

  • Land Size
  • Different Type of Natural Features nearby
  • Age of your property

Building a house or buying one is not enough. It is always important to have legal documents that can be used in a legal matter. In addition, it is always advisable to do a complete survey once something has been added such as a pool, renovated or removed.