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Why Are Land Surveys So Important For Home Buyers?

The importance of getting your home’s property surveyed cannot be overstressed. With all the paperwork and red tape involved in purchasing a home today, you might not know what condition the property of your home is actually in. Previous documents might have inaccurate information and might not reflect changes that have occurred to the property in recent years. A land survey will determine the actual condition of your property and state it to you clearly. You will get a clear and concise idea of what condition the property is and know its actual boundaries.

Did you know that most banks used to require that a home buyer have the home’s property surveyed before it would give out a home loan? This would protect both the home buyer and the bank from unforeseen expenses and verify the title and deeds of the property. Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases of your life. Don’t take a chance that could end up costing you a fortune later on, by skimping on a land survey. Know what you are getting upfront by having your property surveyed.

How Can A Land Survey Protect My Home and Save Me Money From Future Unforeseen Expenses?

A land survey will determine the boundaries of your property and have them clearly marked for you. This way you can know where you can build a fence, add an extension, pool or driveway. Going over your boundary to a neighbor’s property is not only illegal it can cost you money. The costs of demolishing a fence or extension can be costly and governments can levy fines. A land survey can also spot potential hazards such as flood prone areas, unmarked gas or cable lines and industrial waste that is on your property. Finding out where such items on your property are can be a lifesaver. It can prevent injury, illness and even death.

What are the Costs of a Land Survey?

The cost of a land survey varies depending on the size, terrain, and records of the property. Having a map done of your property in addition to fieldwork will add to the expense of the land survey. Obstructions in the property such as debris, bodies of water and uneven terrain will also add to the cost, since these items will have to be navigated around or cleared away before survey work can take place on the property.

What Kind of Surveyor Should I Hire?

You should always hire a licensed and preferably insured surveyor. This way you know that a competent surveyor is performing survey work on your property. Licensed surveyors should be familiar with the local building and zoning laws in your jurisdiction and can alert you of any problems with local or state laws in your property. This can save you time and money later on if legal issues or disputes arise.