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Land surveying is always important for those who own land or are looking to buy one, because it is the tool we use to designate boundaries between properties. Besides being used for drawing out the lines, land surveys illustrate many important things about the land. Getting a land survey is mandatory for any landowner because of all the information that is provided by it, laying out what is on their land and how they can use it.

How Drones are Changing the Concept of Land Surveying

With recent technology advancements, land surveying has evolved once again. Drones have become a major hobby for a lot of people, from racing them, to taking incredible 4k images of exotic sceneries, to just being able to control and fly something so awesome. Land surveyors have taken drones to a newer level, arming them with measurement tools that can graph and relay more accurate information about the land being surveyed.

By using a drone, a land surveyor can directly control and see the land from a birds-eye view, providing a new perspective on the land. This will come in handy for buyers looking for a lot of land. Drones with proper equipment will be able to produce topographic and hydrographic maps of the land, along with volumetric calculations for farm stock, and map out any areas that will need flood or fire insurance.

Drones Will Not Replace Land Surveyors

The use of drones is expected to be a huge means of land surveying in the near future. However, drones aren’t expected to replace the traditional means of land surveying. After all, all the deliverable data that is taken by the drone will have to be interpreted for the best by a qualified land surveyor. It will also not matter how good the land surveyor is at flying the drone, it will still be up to the processing skills they have to map out a good land survey and present it.

The purpose drones have in land surveying is to make the process much more efficient and in hopes of collecting more accurate data of the land being surveyed. The technology for it is here, but because the technology is ever evolving and will be for the next several years, it’s more than likely you won’t see a land surveying company utilize them for a long while.

Fortunately, a drone is not the only means of obtaining an exceptional land survey. If you are looking for a well drafted land survey, Adkan Engineers is the right team for you. Our land surveyors are well-qualified and understand that you need all the information you can get about your land if you wish to do what you want with the land you buy. For more information about our land surveying services, contact us today! Adkan Engineers is committed to client satisfaction!