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A land survey is considered to be a legal document. It is often used to decide boundary disputes. An inaccurate survey can lead to the land owner being taken to court for encroaching on someone else’s property. This is a serious matter that can take a long time and cost lots of money to resolve. That’s why it’s essential to hire a licensed, experienced surveyor. Our professionals have years of experience at Adkan and a reputation for doing in-depth research and precise measurements needed to prevent disputes. They must also guarantee their word and be willing and able to appear in court to defend it.

The land surveyor is liable for any costs associated with an improperly done or inaccurate survey. Their level of liability varies depending on state and local laws. Therefore it’s essential to choose a land surveyor that has a sterling reputation and the resources to cover any costs related to mistakes they make while conducting their survey. You should never hire a land surveyor that is not licensed and insured, or one that does not have roots in the community or the region. The surveyor can be held liable for errors for 5 or 10 years after the survey was completed. That’s why it’s crucial to do business with an established surveyor, otherwise the liability may have to be covered by the land owner.

The price of a land survey can vary widely. It is based on a number of factors. Many surveyors consider the size of the property, the type of terrain it covers, the locality in which it is to be performed, the distance they must travel, the length of time the task will take, and the level of liability they must assume when setting their prices. They also have numerous other things they must consider. Plus the amount of experience the surveyor has and whether or not the area to be surveyed is involved in a dispute can also impact the cost of getting the job done. An experienced surveyor researches all the potential issues and liabilities involved and prices their services accordingly. Here at Adkan we match our highest quality land surveying with the most affordable pricing around.