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Land surveys are an integral part of every property transaction. Regardless of why the property is transferred, or how recent the previous transfer was, it is still necessary to have a survey performed. Old surveys may have been accurate when they were completed, but they cannot account for any changes that have occurred since they were performed. It is very easy to forget small changes over time, especially if it appears as if nothing has changed. There are several reasons why regularly updated surveys are important.

Defining the Boundaries

Boundary lines are the main reason for every survey. Public records rely on accurate surveying to determine tax rates and zoning and prevent encroachment. Keeping track of any easements is also important. Not only for those that need the easements, but to keep people aware of the situation when they are purchasing the land after the easement was established.

Recording the Changes

Surveys update all changes in and around the property. Updates and improvements to the land are noted. New easements that did not exist are added and expired ones are removed. Any changes to the boundaries are included. Most often this occurs when people are selling a parcel from the lot or when the municipality needs a portion for community purposes.

Following All Rules

When purchasing property most people purchase an insurance policy on their title as well. Surveys are necessary before any new policy can begin. Since title insurance protects the purchaser against issues that are not recorded on the survey they want to make certain the most accurate and updated survey possible is available. This insurance is usually purchased for one of two reasons. Either the mortgage lender insists as part of the contract or the new owner wants the added protection for themselves.

Guaranteeing the Result

Surveys are only as good as the company that performs them. Reputable, established companies offer guarantees of the accuracy of what they have produced. A surveying company that performed a survey decades ago may no longer be in business. If their survey is no longer accurate or was done incorrectly at the time there is no protection for the property owner.

It is very easy to find stories about homeowners embroiled in a battle with their neighbors over where the boundary is located. Surveying prevents these battles and avoids the unhappy result of discovering that the property is not as large as it seemed when it was purchased. Adkan Engineers protect investments and prevent complications. Adkan is available for any size surveying project and has extensive experience in the industry.