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Land surveying is the science of properly mapping and measuring a given property for the purposes of ownership or resolving a legal conflict. It usually involves taking readings with a compass, map, and laser finder. It is really important that previous information be included when doing a new survey. If a surveyor has previously mapped the property, try to get in contact with them, so that you can compare your new measurements with the old standard. Often, old records can be found in the local government archives.

In land surveying, one of the major challenges is identifying the different levels in the terrain. Having a good map of the area is a great start. Make sure that the survey equipment is properly oriented to the map using a solid compass. If they have the survey equipment off because they did not use a compass, you could end up with legal fees when someone builds on another’s land.

It is extremely important if you are employing a surveyor that you provide solid evidence that the property belongs to you, or the entity for whom you are requesting the survey. If the surveyor does not have proof of ownership, they cannot do the measurements, for fear of being sued by the real owner. Bring maps and tax records.

Boundaries on land are usually created by legal fiat in government decisions. An example would be the Louisiana Purchase by Thomas Jefferson. Previously, this tract of land belonged to France, and then it was roughly surveyed by Louis and Clark to get a clearer idea of what the United States really had title for in the purchase. Sometimes, parties can disagree about who owns who. Many Native American tribes of today point out that they were the original inhibitors of a large tract of the United States, and the settlers who came afterword often cheated or forced them off their land. A good surveyor can help resolve conflicts such as these. If you provide the history of the land, the professional land surveyor will look up past conflicts and ownership claims to help them determine what the boundaries of your property are supposed to be.

It is important that you explain why you need a survey to be done. Sometimes, it is also appropriate that the nearby owners or people who claim the property should be notified, so that the two parties do not fight with each other.

A professional land surveyor makes sure that all their work is done in compliance with existing government regulations at the national and local level. They will mark your property, and use their equipment to define on a map the proper boundaries for it. They can serve as a witness in a legal case, because of their professional experience and knowledge of your property after surveying it. A surveyor can also work alongside other professionals who may be involved in the ownership of the property. Having a professional surveyor is also necessary for legally subdividing land.