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One big thing that will always be valued is land, especially commercial land. A huge plot of dirt either in the city or in the suburbs is a great investment, but that investment needs to be protected. Here at Adkan Engineers, a couple of our main services includes civil engineering and land surveying. Let’s take a look at how both of those are necessities when developing your land.


Civil engineers play a big part in the development of your land. One helps design, build, and oversee the operations and construction of your land. Civil engineers work with land surveyors to define where the boundaries are on the site and with architectures to create a blueprint of the land’s design. The design includes, but not limited to – any buildings, roads, water systems, sewage lines and underground work. We go over the design with you until you accept it, and once approved we’ll get to work on the construction and contract bids for each project.


In all cases, legal boundaries need to be laid down during construction or divvying of the land. This should always be conducted prior to constructing anything, whether in the center or on the outskirts of the land in question. Knowing exactly where the boundaries are will help avoid future disputes, especially in the case of a difficult neighbor who ignores the boundaries. Professional land surveys act as a mediation tool to prevent conflicts before they get too big, as they lay out in writing exactly what you own and where it legally ends.
In a land survey, the surveyor will outline the edges of your property, and will write it down in full detail to be put on your deed. Should a neighbor decide to encroach on your land and mark their own unofficial boundary, make sure to contact Adkan. We’ll go over your deed and that of your neighbors and correct the boundary before any encroaching structures are erected.


Are you looking at a plot of land and considering to buy it? Do you want a team well-qualified with over 30 years of experience to work with you to build up on your land? Let us help! Here at Adkan Engineers, our mission is to provide exceptional professional service and dedication to our quality clients. For more information, please contact us today either online or give us a call at (951) 688-0241.