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Owning land isn’t as easy as drawing a line in the dirt and claiming the side you’re on. See, even things like fences, tree lines and walls don’t exactly mean you own the land up to it. Rarely will you ever find a fence or wall built directly on the property line, but rather somewhere inside the land. What that means is, by building up to the wall on the other side you may be unintentionally encroaching on your neighbor’s property. That’s why land surveys are so important. Here’s exactly how and why a land survey is necessary.


Typically, the cost of a land survey is around $500. That may seem like a lot of money, but the payoff is you won’t build on your neighbor’s property and land yourself in a dispute over it. This can cost you a whole lot more. Before you assume the boundaries of your land, have a certified land surveyor come out to your property. Here at Adkan Engineers, our land surveyors highlight the topography of your land, as well as other environmental factors you’d like to be aware of such as flood spots and soft ground. We’ll show you where building is suitable, and the proper way of using fences, landscaping and walls to show where your land starts and ends. With our help, you won’t have to worry about uprooting anything when your neighbor discovers you’re on their land.


Fortunately for you, in not all cases will your neighbors mind you building on their land. We’ve previously discussed easements, and how one can benefit both parties. Easements are usually used for landowners that have built on top of another’s land and they don’t mind, or for commercial reasons like utility companies and communications networks to build on your land and get you out of the way for a price. In both cases, easements are in writing and haven no expiration date unless the party holding the easement decides to terminate it.


With just one call, a certified land surveyor from Adkan Engineers will be on site where you need a land survey. We’ll help you discover where your land starts and ends, and detail everything it includes. A land survey will certainly come in handy, both now and down the road. For more information about land surveys, get in touch with us online or by phone at (951) 688-0241.