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Land surveying dates back centuries and was used when humans were building their first establishments. Therefore, unsurprisingly the passing of time has only made this profession more and more important, but what´s land surveying?

In rough term, land surveying is the art and science which maps and measures the land. Land surveyors make detailed inspections of the physical property that belongs to a seller who intends to pass it to a new owner. In fact, surveyors play a key role in all land developing areas, from the planning and designing of land subdivisions to road constructions, utilities, and landscaping, which is why surveyors are usually the first ones on-site in order to measure and map the land.

The measurements made by them are used by architects to get an idea of the landscape they are working with. They also help architects, designers, and engineers to make sure that the structures are accurate and safe, ensuring the buildings are not only fit with the landscape but also able to be constructed.

But these are not the only benefits of having a land surveyed, because as mentioned before it can be done as a means to help buyers understand exactly what they are buying since a survey defines the exact boundaries of the land being purchased and determines the limits of where you can work with it, as well as pinpoints any potential problems it may have.

Land surveying is particularly important nowadays, to the point of being almost critical, considering a professional land surveyor can pretty much eliminate land boundary issues before they arise in construction. Surveyors use property’s legal descriptions as well as benchmarks on the ground to figure the exact dimensions and size of a property being transferred.

Knowing the exact specifications of a property can help determine whether additional buildings can be built, and how many, as well as where a fence should be put to separate a property from the ones on the rest of the neighborhood and can help a buyer make sure they are really buying what the seller has described.

So to conclude, be it a house buyer or a company project, hiring professional land surveyors is a good idea to confirm property lines before starting any construction or additions work since these will surely help save time, money, and avoid any neighborly disputes, as well as legal troubles.