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If you’ve never gotten a land survey on your property, you need to understand how to order one and do so as soon as possible. Land surveys can help you understand the extent of your property and find any mistakes. Even more importantly, it is crucial when buying a piece of property to ensure you get the proper amount of land.

Thankfully, getting a survey is an easy process. It might seem unnecessary, but it can protect you from the kind of legal trouble that can cost you thousands of dollars in legal fees and personal reimbursement.

When To Get A Survey

Typically, you’re going to need to get a survey when you’re buying a new piece of property, when you’re constructing on property you already own, if your property has access easements (including access corridors), when selling your property, when verifying acreage for taxes, and if your neighbor starts building something near your land.

Failure to perform a survey in these situations could create a tricky legal situation. For example, if you accidentally build part of a barn on your neighbor’s property, there’s a good chance you’ll have to either pay them for the right to use that property or tear down the barn, even if only a small portion is on the property.

Do Your Research First

Before hiring a surveying firm, call around to various ones in your local area. Get your deed ready and show it to the firms in your area. They will look at your deed, listen to your concerns, and give you an estimate. Compare these estimates before making a decision. It’s not always wise to automatically go with the lowest bid, however.

Why? The survey crew might not be as good as one that is bidding higher. Research the reputation of each group carefully by talking to other home owners who have used their services. If you hear about shady business practices or poor abilities, don’t go with that company, even if they are hundreds of dollars cheaper. It’s not worth the risk.

Getting The Survey Done

For any land survey needs, work with us here at Adkan Engineers. We prepare land surveys and send you a signed certificate indicating completion of the survey, as well as a detailed report of what we found. Use this information for whatever purpose you need.