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Has someone come to you and said you need a land survey? If so, you’re probably wondering to yourself why you can’t just pull out the tape measurer yourself and identify your own boundaries. That’s because many times anyone trying to expand their home or build on top of commercial land forget that they have neighbors, and neighbors aren’t light on you building on their paid-for land. Don’t allow a missing land survey drag you into a land dispute, learn exactly where your land starts and ends with help from Adkan Engineers.


Adkan has been around for 35 years and counting, and we’ve had one goal in mind always – commitment to client satisfaction. We offer an in-depth and well-rounded approach to the planning, surveying, designing and construction phases for all projects, big or small.

Here’s a Further Look at Land Planning. Land planning is the first thing that’s done the moment you buy your share of the ground. What are you doing with it? Will it be a residential, commercial or municipal project? With our help at Adkan Engineers, we can take into consideration your wants and needs, and help translate your ideas onto paper with ease. One thing our firm does that others don’t is that we make sure to be able to build out your ideas, while making sure it’s physically possible and gains local agency approval.

Next on the List is a Land Survey. Oftentimes land surveying intermixes with land planning, as both rely on each other to move along. We mentioned you can’t just take a tape measurer out and measure your own land yourself, that’s not how it works. A professional land surveyor will look at your deed, pull out their trusty theodolite, and record in detail what exactly you own. All Adkan land surveys designate landmarks, topography, natural boundaries and concrete boundaries. A land survey from Adkan Engineers will highlight everything there is to know about the land you’re standing on.

Let’s Not Forget the Designing and Construction Phases. Adkan Engineers brings together two fields – land surveying and civil engineering. Civil engineers are your go-to people to get a construction project off the ground. Some of our biggest recent projects includes work on a Skechers and Amazon distribution center (separate) in Moreno Valley, with the City of Riverside on expanding and renovating municipal buildings, and school campuses across Southern California. If you’re in need of more than just a land survey, to get your project on the go, let our civil engineering team help you out.


Adkan Engineers wants to make sure you’re satisfied with your latest venture. Put the development of your land in our hands, and we’ll team up together to make sure what you want done is possible, then make it happen. For more information or to request an initial consultation, feel free to contact us online or by phone at (951) 688-0241.