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Drones have taken the industry by storm the last couple of years. Whether it’s for measuring boundaries or mapping out the topography of a piece of land, drones are making it easier and quicker for land surveyors to get the information they need to complete a survey. The future of land surveying lies with drones for this very reason, let’s take a look further at how they are benefiting the industry.


It’s crazy how close-minded we can be, but drones were definitely not the first way land surveyors measured land from the air. Planes, even air balloons came well before drones. Dating back 1858, surveyors mounted cameras on top of hot air balloons to take aerial pictures.

Of course, since then there have been many different ways to record land. This includes – kits, helicopters, planes, even trained birds. However, the problem with many of these tactics was it was near impossible to fix a bad angle or a loose camera once it was in the sky.

Fortunately, drones are the next generation of measuring land from above. It’s easy because a surveyor can control a drone from a remote location, making the whole process a whole lot safer. Plus, modern drones are very stable in the air, so aerial shots taken aren’t fuzzy or inaccurate. Furthermore, drones make additional shots and retakes a whole lot easier and less expensive.


Most certainly drones are the new face of aerial and topographic land surveys. More and more land surveyors are utilizing drones to take measurements and more. They greatly speed up the process of getting a complete land survey to a client, and they prove to be great for high quality, more accurate mappings.

In short, drones are the new way to get land surveying done. If you’re in need of a land survey, let Adkan Engineers get it done for you. Our team is fully qualified for your land surveying needs. For more information, or to get started, give our team a call at 951.688.0241.