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What is a Land Survey?

A land survey must be performed every time a piece of real estate is transferred from one owner to another. This document does more than simply establish the boundaries of a property but also provides the physical state of the land and the rights that accompany it.

What is Involved in a Land Survey?

A land survey establishes the location and description of a parcel of land, including its physical state. Depending on the extent of the survey, a map that describes the topography and notes building locations and other objects and improvements on the parcel may be included. A land survey can also include any easements on the property and may note possible encroachments where other properties infringe upon the boundaries of your land. An old survey will not reflect any new information.

What is a Boundary and How is It Created?

A boundary marks the borders between two adjoining parcels. It can either be natural or artificial. Natural boundaries involve features occurring in nature such as rivers or mountains, while an artificial boundary is one created by a public land entity.

Most boundaries are defined by a written legal document. Property rights can be defined by warranties or quit claim deeds or by physical occupation of the land. Professional surveyors determine how these factors affect your parcel’s boundaries.

Why are Land Surveys Needed?

A land survey is always needed whenever a parcel changes ownership because even though the boundaries may not change, land usage may have. The survey will also indicate relationship between possession and usage and deeded property lines. Additionally many lending institutions require a land survey before issuing loans to finance a purchase. A land survey may also be required before dividing a parcel for sale or if any improvements will be made to the property. Architects and engineers may also request a land survey before preparing any plans for future construction.

The Role of a Professional Surveyor

A professional surveyor performs a number of functions. These include:

  • Reviewing your deed and rendering a professional opinion on boundaries
  • Recording and maintaining an accurate record of all measurements
  • Identifying and advising on any possible conflicts in ownership
  • Preparing a plat of the property with boundary measurements
  • Providing copies of the plats and filing the with the county records officeGet your next survey done with Adkan Engineers. We are a leading source for any land surveys you may need, so contact us today!