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There are many reasons you may need to get a Professional Land Survey. It is a crucial first step before you buy, sell or subdivide the land and to ensure that your improvements or new construction are positioned correctly. It’s possible you may need a survey if your lending institution requires a mortgage loan inspection or when purchasing Title Insurance. You may be required by local authorities, to get a survey before they issue any building or other permits and for drainage planning. If there is a dispute over the property line location or an encroachment, a Professional Land Surveyor can review your deed and other evidence, appear in Court as an expert witness and give their professional opinion concerning the boundaries of your land dispute.

When you work with a Professional Land Surveyor, you should sign and be given a copy, of an agreement with the details of your land survey, to avoid any future confusion or disagreements that may arise. Your agreement should state specifically what is included in your survey, the fee or hourly rate, any payment arrangements and an approximate time frame for completion. When you get the estimate for your land survey, the amount could be based on previous experience with similar surveys or by the hour with recording and other related fees being additional. There are many possible issues that can arise, specific to your survey, that may change the final cost of your estimate. These circumstances could be due to many things including, but not limited to seasonal related weather, problems accessing records, difficult terrain, denied access to the property, Land Court Standards or additional requirements by local approving authorities.

Upon completion, you should receive documentation based on the type of survey that was performed and certified by the surveyor. Your survey may be prepared according to Registry of Deeds Standards if it is to be recorded. Your survey should include a drawing that may include boundaries, easements and encroachments, property corners, improvements, monuments, dimensional relationships and if needed, existing conditions mapping to provide an architect or engineer.

Whether you need a Professional Land Survey due to necessity, regulatory requirements, want a cosmetic improvement, recreational addition, or just want one out of curiosity, the end result is the same. You will avoid expensive complications, establish clear boundaries, protect your investment in your family’s future and ensure your own peace of mind.