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Do you know everything, every little legal detail about your property? The answer is most likely no. Now if you had your deed at hand, or an old plat that illustrates where your property begins and ends, you’re one step ahead of most property owners. However, having this piece of information is not the only thing that makes your land so valuable and necessary for it to get a land survey. Here are 5 of the most common reasons why you should be looking into getting your land surveyed.

Boundary Lines

Locating your boundary lines is important if you are looking to build a fence, extend your house, or even pave your driveway. You and your neighbor may be operating under the wrong assumption about where your actual boundary lines are. Before you build on your property, make sure that is yours and not your neighbor’s. Figuring out where your property lines are will help you out in the long run.


Water lines, electric wires, gas pipes, cables and sewers all lay underneath your neighborhood. It’s important that you know the location of all of these utilities laying underneath the ground of your land. Reason being is because a utility company have the rights to use a percentage of your property in order to manage your utility lines. In effect, these companies can tell you how to manage your property, such as tree growth, landscape designs, and more.

Bodies of Water

Ponds, rivers and other bodies of water are much of your land as anything else. If any body of water lays on your land, make sure you have a land surveyor come out and draw out for you the exact portion you actually own. This is great news, especially if you plan on using one for self-irrigation or for other reasons such as swimming.

Access, Ingress, and Egress

Your survey will determine whether public vehicles, such as firetrucks and delivery trucks, have reserved access. This depends on if there is physical vehicular egress and ingress from your property to a public street.

Existing Improvements

A land survey will tell you if any improvements, alterations, or repairs to your property are legal. This varies depending on the height, size, dimensions, and building lines of your expected project. You don’t want to be violating local ordinances or any laws, else you may have to pay a fine and rip down whatever you just put up.


Our team of land surveyors here at Adkan Engineers are highly-skilled and decorated in certifications. We put every detail you need or want into your land survey, so that you know exactly what you have on your land and what you can do with it. For more information, contact us today!