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Getting Your Plans Approved by the City

Land Planning - Get Your Plans Approved by the City

You may be looking at adding on to your home, and you probably know that you need to obtain a permit from the city before anything can start. That's where Adkan Engineers can help. As licensed land surveyors and land planners, we can help you get through this process without trouble. See what you need to do to earn that permit, before making additions to your home.

For Your Next Project, Choose Adkan Engineers

Who we Are - Adkan Engineers

Has someone come to you and said you need a land survey? If so, you’re probably wondering to yourself why you can’t just pull out the tape measurer yourself and identify your own boundaries. That’s because many times anyone trying to expand their home or build on top of commercial land forget that they have neighbors, and neighbors aren’t light on you building on their paid-for land. Don’t allow a missing land survey drag you into a land dispute, learn exactly where your land starts and ends with help from Adkan Engineers.