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The Role of Land Surveys as a Measure of Quality

Land Surveyor Using a Theodolite at a Construction Site

Surveying is the process of determining the exact coordinates of the various points of a map. During surveys, data such as distance, angles and inclination are collected. From the collected data, qualified surveyors are then able to determine where various boundaries lie, and the distance between various points in the map. Land surveys play a significant role in all aspects of constructions. This is so because even basic factors such as the angle of land, and the composition of soil and soil structure may determine the value of the land and the stability of the premise to be put up on a given piece of land. Carrying out surveys has many benefits.

1. To obtain up-to-date plans of the given property

Carrying out surveys is emphasized even in cases where there are available records of previous surveys. this is because there are many aspects of property that may change over a period of time. Such aspects may include a change in the market value of property, a decline in the state of the property, an improvement of the property and even change in laws affecting the property in question. Carrying out a survey therefore provides up-to-date data that may be relied upon to make decisions.

2. To determine the legal boundary of a piece of land.

There have been numerous cases where one party has been duped into buying a piece of land only to later learn that the boundaries of the plot they bought were not as they had previously been told. This results in both financial losses and unending court battles. To avoid such occurrences, it is important to carry out surveys in order to define the exact boundaries of the plot in question. 

3. To Guarantee Value for money

Surveys are often requested by the buyer of a parcel of land with the aim of confirming that the amount of money they are going to pay is a reflection of the value of lad they are acquiring. After the survey has been completed, the final price of a parcel of land can then be agreed upon.

4. Adhering to the laws governing purchase of land

Even in cases where the survey records are current, the law requires that survey be carried out yet again to ensure that the information records about the piece of land are accurate. This ensures smooth transfer of ownership between the involved parties.

Take Full Advantage of a Land Survey

Image of a Theodolite Sitting at an Intersection

Property development companies often build single family houses on large tracts of land, and this makes them important clients for survey companies. Each parcel to be sold must have known physical boundaries, and the developer needs to know exactly where they are before the project begins. Having their property surveyed helps them to see exactly how they can best split the property into home lots, and they can then plan their new community for the best results possible.

While the majority of neighbors get along with each other, there are always some people who want more. They often encroach upon their neighbors’ land by building fences or clearing land that does not belong to them. The best legal remedy for this is to hire a surveyor to establish accurate physical property boundaries, and this information can be taken to the neighbor or the court if necessary.

Road widening has become an important issue as traffic increases, and surveyors are often seen before these projects begin. Their work will help determine the actual width of the new road, and it will also establish how much property is being taken away from adjoining properties when the road is built. Once the information is filed with local government, residents and businesses whose land is diminished will find their property tax bills have become smaller.

All across every community, there are permanent markers used by surveyors. These are known as specified locations or spots, and they are the basis of measuring. Each parcel of property is defined in relation to these markers, so the surveyors are able to give an accurate physical location for each property boundary. Without them, surveyors would not be able to do their work as quickly and accurately as necessary.

Land boundaries have always been important to those who own a parcel of land, and they have increased in value as the world becomes more crowded. People now live in close proximity, and they want to be assured no one will take their land by building a fence or building without their consent. Large developments have become the norm, and developers must have accurate knowledge of the property to place the buildings or divide it into lots. Surveyors are responsible for ensuring the owners of any property know the actual physical location of what they own, and they provide them with updated markers so they can continue to see the true boundaries of it.

How Does A Land Survey Help Land Owners?

A Land Surveyor Taking Measurements Out on a Developing Plot of Land

Land surveying is quite important when you own land, but you must understand how it benefits you in this situation. A land survey is a report on the status of your land, and you must ask for reports that detail needed information for your land. This article explains how you may use a survey to resolve quite a few problems related to any owned property.

#1: Land Disputes Erupt With Proper Surveys

A land dispute often occurs when there are quite a few people arguing over their perception of the value of land or its size. The survey reveals the proper boundaries for the property, reveals the value of the property, and the owner may retain a report showing the true perimeter of the property. The competition may cry quite a lot about the way your land is positioned, but the survey tells you the truth.

#2: Royalty Losses

Royalties are lost when your rivals are not within the bounds of their property, but they will howl to the moon that you are not the rightful owner of land they value. You must ensure you have a land survey to find the true boundary of each property. You may submit the property map when you are selling the land rights to an outside firm, and you may keep your copy of the report as proof.

#3: Violation Of The Law

You may uncover hidden violations of the law that you must resolve, or you may prove the unlawful deeds have occurred on the other side of your property line. You are showing that you are in compliance with the law, and are making an effort to solve the problem. The government code office will appreciate your efforts, or you may send them off to the property where the true issue lies.

#4: Deed Issues

The deed for a property comes with a property drawing, and you may change the property diagram using the report from Adkan. Submitting a new diagram to the local records office ensures you have proper record of the land you own, and you may ensure quickly that you are paying property taxes on the correct parcel, paying for the acreage you own and keeping the government abreast of developments on your land.

Contact Adkan Engineers for assistance, and you will find a crew on your property in moments. We are professionals who quickly and properly measure the perimeter of your land, and provide you with the land survey you need.

Get Your First Land Survey

Land Surveyor out on a Large Plot of Land

If you've never gotten a land survey on your property, you need to understand how to order one and do so as soon as possible. Land surveys can help you understand the extent of your property and find any mistakes. Even more importantly, it is crucial when buying a piece of property to ensure you get the proper amount of land.

Thankfully, getting a survey is an easy process. It might seem unnecessary, but it can protect you from the kind of legal trouble that can cost you thousands of dollars in legal fees and personal reimbursement. 

When To Get A Survey 

Typically, you're going to need to get a survey when you're buying a new piece of property, when you're constructing on property you already own, if your property has access easements (including access corridors), when selling your property, when verifying acreage for taxes, and if your neighbor starts building something near your land.

Failure to perform a survey in these situations could create a tricky legal situation. For example, if you accidentally build part of a barn on your neighbor's property, there's a good chance you'll have to either pay them for the right to use that property or tear down the barn, even if only a small portion is on the property. 

Do Your Research First

Before hiring a surveying firm, call around to various ones in your local area. Get your deed ready and show it to the firms in your area. They will look at your deed, listen to your concerns, and give you an estimate. Compare these estimates before making a decision. It's not always wise to automatically go with the lowest bid, however.

Why? The survey crew might not be as good as one that is bidding higher. Research the reputation of each group carefully by talking to other home owners who have used their services. If you hear about shady business practices or poor abilities, don't go with that company, even if they are hundreds of dollars cheaper. It's not worth the risk. 

Getting The Survey Done

For any land survey needs, work with us here at Adkan Engineers. We prepare land surveys and send you a signed certificate indicating completion of the survey, as well as a detailed report of what we found. Use this information for whatever purpose you need.

Common Questions About Land Surveys

Land Surveyor taking a Survey in a Suburban Area

What is a Land Survey?

A land survey must be performed every time a piece of real estate is transferred from one owner to another. This document does more than simply establish the boundaries of a property but also provides the physical state of the land and the rights that accompany it.

What is Involved in a Land Survey?

A land survey establishes the location and description of a parcel of land, including its physical state. Depending on the extent of the survey, a map that describes the topography and notes building locations and other objects and improvements on the parcel may be included. A land survey can also include any easements on the property and may note possible encroachments where other properties infringe upon the boundaries of your land. An old survey will not reflect any new information.

What is a Boundary and How is It Created?

A boundary marks the borders between two adjoining parcels. It can either be natural or artificial. Natural boundaries involve features occurring in nature such as rivers or mountains, while an artificial boundary is one created by a public land entity.

Most boundaries are defined by a written legal document. Property rights can be defined by warranties or quit claim deeds or by physical occupation of the land. Professional surveyors determine how these factors affect your parcel's boundaries.

Why are Land Surveys Needed?

A land survey is always needed whenever a parcel changes ownership because even though the boundaries may not change, land usage may have. The survey will also indicate relationship between possession and usage and deeded property lines. Additionally many lending institutions require a land survey before issuing loans to finance a purchase. A land survey may also be required before dividing a parcel for sale or if any improvements will be made to the property. Architects and engineers may also request a land survey before preparing any plans for future construction.

The Role of a Professional Surveyor

A professional surveyor performs a number of functions. These include:

  • Reviewing your deed and rendering a professional opinion on boundaries
  • Recording and maintaining an accurate record of all measurements
  • Identifying and advising on any possible conflicts in ownership
  • Preparing a plat of the property with boundary measurements
  • Providing copies of the plats and filing the with the county records office

Get your next survey done with Adkan Engineers. We are a leading source for any land surveys you may need, so contact us today!