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Land Surveys Make Your Dream House A Reality

Did you know doing an initial land survey before buying a home can save money and time down the road? If you're currently looking for a home or are planning to here's why having a land survey is so important.

First reason for getting a land survey is to avoid any kind of dispute arising from land ownership. You want to be able to prove you own everything you think you own including that beautiful new sun room the previous owner built. What about that swimming pool you can't wait to jump into? That could have been added after the last land survey was taken. Many unpleasant surprises could come your way without having a land survey. 

Furthermore, if you know you want to build an addition to your home in the future or are considering the possibility, then getting a land survey will put your mind at peace. You will know your property lines and can plan the addition accordingly.

Third, if you don't get a land survey on your potential property, then later you might discover you've infringed on specific zoning restrictions that apply to where you live. At that point it could be become legally complicated. It's better to avoid this stressful scenario and get a land survey.

In addition, there is a likely chance of being turned away by a bank if you try mortgaging your home without proof an up-to-date land survey was done on the property. 

You're at mercy to an uncertain future without a land survey. You would be going into the deal not fully aware of your land ownership rights. Adkan, based in Southern California, is a trusted company you can turn to for doing a professional land survey. Adkan will make the process easy and affordable. We will send a knowledgeable surveyor out to the property in question to go over the existing land documents and pinpoint exactly where changes were made. 

In the end, after doing a land survey with Adkan, you will feel confident knowing the boundaries of your property. Adkan will work hard to complete the land survey in as little time as possible. Getting a land survey is vital for avoiding confusion and hold-ups. With a land survey completed the home buying experience will run smoothly and be even more pleasant. Contact us today for getting a land survey for the house you are dreaming for.

Getting a Land Survey Before Purchasing Land

When someone is interested in a plot of land, they are interested in finding out as much as they can about the land in question as possible. They need to know precisely what the boundaries are, any legal issues, and any advantages to the land. Not only does this mean its resources, but also public paths and other easements as well as any applicable property issues. The most comprehensive survey is the American Land Title Association/American Congress Surveying and Mapping survey (also known as an ALTA survey).

The Information Provided By An ALTA Survey

At the very basic level, and ALTA survey provides information on the legal boundaries of the property, as well as any easements, encroachments, rights of way, and any known improvements as regards the property in question. This survey can provide a lot of information for the potential buyer, and may provide additional information such as adjoining land owners or if the property is in a flood zone, etc.

When To Obtain A Survey

Before you can obtain a survey you need to obtain a title commitment. The title commitment is a document from a title insurance company that promises to insure the property once purchased and contains a list of all applicable documents; these documents form the basis of the survey as it is prepared. It is important to obtain this commitment in order to obtain the survey, which title companies and lenders require as part of the application process in order to ensure that the person they are dealing with is the only one with any rights to property. If it is not required you do not need to obtain a survey, but it is obviously a good idea. The price of a land survey doesn't cost much, and will certainly save you money if their is a dispute of land that later develops.

Potential Issues

A land survey can help a potential buyer find out about any major questions as regards to the property. Easements and rights of way are a obvious issue, as they show if anyone else has any rights to the property and if the person will have sole rights. An easement,, for example, may be required in order to allow someone to access their property or a necessary public path; its existence may slow down any potential plans for the property. Encroachments are another issue, as a neighbor may be using the property for his own purposes; these will be need to be dealt as they show up. A land survey can reveal these issues and allow you to deal with them as needed. 

What To Do With A Survey

While reviewing a survey may not be easy, the help of an experienced real estate attorney can help decode what the various numbers mean. Once the various easements and encroachments have been detected, it is then possible to determine what to do about them. Obviously the sooner you can have a survey done the sooner you can deal with any problems, so debate obtaining one as quickly as possible so you can eliminate those problem.