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Land Surveying is Important to Our Lives

Land surveying dates back centuries and was used when humans were building their first establishments. Therefore, unsurprisingly the passing of time has only made this profession more and more important, but what´s land surveying?

In rough term, land surveying is the art and science which maps and measures the land. Land surveyors make detailed inspections of the physical property that belongs to a seller who intends to pass it to a new owner. In fact, surveyors play a key role in all land developing areas, from the planning and designing of land subdivisions to roads constructions, utilities, and landscaping; which is why surveyors are usually the first ones on site in order to measure and map the land.

The measurements made by them are used by architects to get an idea of the landscape they are working with. They also help architects, designers, and engineers to make sure that the structures are accurate and safe, ensuring the buildings are not only fit with the landscape but also able to be constructed.

But these are not the only benefits of having a land surveyed, because as mentioned before it can be done as a means to help buyers understand exactly what they are buying, since a survey defines the exact boundaries of the land being purchased and determines the limits of where you can work with it, as well as pinpoints any potential problems it may have.

Land surveying is particularly important nowadays, to the point of being almost critical considering a professional land surveyor can pretty much eliminate land boundary issues before they arise in construction. Surveyors use property's legal descriptions as well as benchmarks on the ground to figure the exact dimensions and size of a property being transferred.

Knowing the exact specifications of a property can help determine whether additional buildings can be built, and how many, as well as where a fence should be put to separate a property from the ones on the rest of the neighborhood and can help a buyer make sure they are really buying what the seller has described.

So to conclude, be it a house buyer or a company project, hiring professional land surveyors is a good idea to confirm property lines before starting any construction or additions work since these will surely help save time, money, and avoid any neighborly disputes, as well as legal troubles.

The Cost of Land Surveys

A land survey is considered to be a legal document. It is often used to decide boundary disputes. An inaccurate survey can lead to the land owner being taken to court for encroaching on someone else's property. This is a serious matter that can take a long time and cost lots of money to resolve. That's why it's essential to hire a licensed, experienced surveyor. Our professionals have years of experience at Adkan and a reputation for doing in-depth research and precise measurements needed to prevent disputes. They must also guarantee their word and be willing and able to appear in court to defend it.

The land surveyor is liable for any costs associated with an improperly done or inaccurate survey. Their level of liability varies depending on state and local laws. Therefore it's essential to choose a land surveyor that has a sterling reputation and the resources to cover any costs related to mistakes they make while conducting their survey. You should never hire a land surveyor that is not licensed and insured, or one that does not have roots in the community or the region. The surveyor can be held liable for errors for 5 or 10 years after the survey was completed. That's why it's crucial to do business with an established surveyor, otherwise the liability may have to be covered by the land owner.

The price of a land survey can vary widely. It is based on a number of factors. Many surveyors consider the size of the property, the type of terrain it covers, the locality in which it is to be performed, the distance they must travel, the length of time the task will take, and the level of liability they must assume when setting their prices. They also have numerous other things they must consider. Plus the amount of experience the surveyor has and whether or not the area to be surveyed is involved in a dispute can also impact the cost of getting the job done. An experienced surveyor researches all the potential issues and liabilities involved and prices their services accordingly. Here at Adkan we match our highest quality land surveying with the most affordable pricing around.

A Perfect Reason For Land Surveying

Perfect Reason for Land Surveying

Buying a home is one of the most important and exciting purchase you can make during your life. It can also be the most time consuming and stressful times in your life. There are many financial and emotional decisions you have to make, and is important to make sure you make the right one every time. That's why you don't want to cut corners by choosing not to do important things like get a land survey done

After you have found the house and agreed upon a price, the closing attorney will ask you if you want to hire a surveyor to survey the land. At this point you are probably tired and feel like your finances are exhausted, and you will be tempted to say no. It is very important not to give into temptation and to say yes. 

There are many reasons why it is important to have a survey done before you purchase the house, but this is one important example of what happened to a buyer who chose not to do a survey. This particular homeowner had fencing that went entirely around the property and was close to three other homes in the area. They kept up the fencing after buying the home, and in the meantime the owners of the three other homes built fences that connected to the fence that was already in place. 

When it came time to sell the home, the new homeowner insisted on having a land survey done. When the survey was done, all four of the homeowners had some surprising news. The other fences that the homeowners had built encroached on the sellers lands. Two of the fences were built so that they intruded ten feet onto the sellers land. This created a huge problem for both the seller and the other homeowners as the buyer did not want to buy the property as is, as they believed they were entitled to the extra land as did the three homeowners whose fences encroached on the land. Now it will cost much more for the seller to get the home sold because of court costs. 

While this is certainly an extreme example of what can happen when you choose not to get a land survey done it is still important to keep in mind. Whether you think the boundaries are clear or not, it is important to hire an expert to make sure so that you do not accidently build something on your neighbor's property or vice versa.

Adkan - Land Surveying History

adkan land surveying history

Land surveys date back as far the early Egyptians, making it one of the world's most ancient professions. Since then, it has become a fundamental part of every major civilization, as nations needed to understand the shape of the land as well as demarcations in order to know what property was theirs.

The History of Land Surveying Techniques

Over the years, the principles of land surveying have remained the same, using the basic fundamentals of geometry, trigonometry and calculus, however, land surveying equipment has evolved into more advanced technology, which produces more reliable and accurate results. In earlier years, land surveys applied the right principles, however, due to a lack of more precise equipment, they were also less reliable.

Land Survey Types

There are a variety of land surveys, each designed to address its own application. Land surveys are categorized in three basic ways:

  •     Informational surveys-which are used to create charts and maps.
  •     Engineering surveys-which ensure the structure is constructed in the correct location.
  •     Standard land surveys-which calculate land areas and fix property lines etc.

Other sub categories that may factor into the land survey include: property surveys, route surveys, hydrographic surveys and industrial surveys.

Land surveys can also be plane surveys or geodetic surveys. Plane surveys deem the earth as a flat plane and are generally used to examine small areas, whereas, geodetic surveys cover much larger areas and require the curvature of earth to be taken into consideration. They also rely on further land survey techniques such as astronomical direction fixing, trilateration and triangulation for more precise readings.

Land Survey Techniques

There are five survey techniques commonly used today which include: leveling, radiation, trilateration, triangulation and traverse.

  •     Leveling-uses a leveling instrument to measure the difference in elevation in a specific area.
  •     Radiation-is used in combination with a plane table to measure a fixed position above ground.
  •     Trilateration-utilizes electronic measuring equipment to calculate the sides and lengths of triangles used in the triangulation, so that angles can be computed, and is commonly used to measure rough terrain.
  •     Triangulation-uses a series of conjoined triangles that overlap each other to measure angles from determined locations.
  •     Traverse-is commonly used for building roads. This technique utilizes a series of lines whose lengths and distances have been computed and are joined together by points in specific locations.

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Land Surveying is More than Science

Survey Science

Land surveying is a very practical science that tells everyone how their properties are put together. It is something that people need when they are developing land, and it is something that is needed when even the smallest change is going to be made to a property. There is a lot that has to be done to show that the land is going to be the right size for the plot. or the surveyor is going to show the exact size of the plot using their instruments for the first time.

These people are scientists who are using their instruments to show that land they are on has specific measurements. Everything is based on small points that need to be verified by the community, and the surveyor can set up so much after that that it is hard to believe they got all that information from just one point. They use special instruments that explain the distance they are looking at, and they are using their calculations to figure out how far something goes on any side. They detail the area, and then they mark each area.

They know how to calculate the size and area or anything, and they can calculate the borders of any property as they are working. Their work is very important because it has to be done if there is going to be any levying or taxation in a community. It needs to be done if there is zoning in the area, and it needs to be done if people are going to confirm what the size of the lot is going to be. That is needed when there are property line disputes, and it can be used when people are wondering how they are going to block out a piece of land they purchased. The surveyor is going to spend hours on this every day making sure that their people are going to get measurements all around the area, and they are going to keep at it until there is a report on the whole area.

There are many reasons to do surveying, and the work is done by professionals who are able to plot any land they like. They can do the work outside on any land, and they can show how big all the areas are for the homeowners or developers. They are scientists, but they do very practical work for everyone.