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Find Your Property Lines with a Land Survey

Land Surveyor

Determining the property lines on your home and your property can be a difficult process, but very important at the same time. It is vital that you know where your property lines are in order to stay within the law, so make sure you take the time and effort to really figure out where exactly your property starts and ends. Legal disputes can arise with neighbors and for other businesses that are in the general area, which is something you want to avoid at all costs if you can. Luckily, there are quite a few resources out there that should help you to definitely determine your property lines. 

One major problem that often times leads to neighbors to a court battle is when one neighbor puts up a fence, or constructs some type of building that another neighbor claims is on their property. If something like this arises, or if you simply want to find out where your lines are, the first thing you should do is check with the assessors office in your area. Most of these assessors offices have detailed land surveys of each and every property in the given area, which should give you approximations of your property lines, although it is fairly tough to prove where they are exactly from these surveys. Sometimes they are old and outdated, based on the fact that they may have been used for decades, with full access from the general public, for the most part. You can use these maps to take measurements and you can use landmarks to gauge how large an area actually is on land. Having these figures may give you a ball park range, which may be all you need in some cases. Checking your deed is another thing you can do and generally involves using the same type of measuring techniques. You can also head over to the recorder's office in your area, in order to get a map of your current area, which should also show property lines. 

When you bought your property, you should have been given a property survey, which is a document that is transferred when a home is bought or sold, which is another reference point that you can use to determine where your property lines are. With all of these documents and paperwork, anyone should be able to determine where their property lines are, but if you can't seem to figure it out, your best bet is to hire a surveyor. A professional surveyor is basically going to take the same documents and simply analyze them from a more official perspective and will let you know truly where your property lines are, which can be a huge deal in a court case.

Top 10 Reasons to Get a Land Survey

Theodolite Set in Downtown Chicago

You need to make sure that you have called Adkan when it is time to get a survey of your land. There are ten reasons to get this done, and that is why you will need to be sure that you have taken care of the issues that you have in the area where you own or manage land. 

Boundary Lines

Boundary lines are important because there is no other way to make sure that you are on the right property. That is something that involves the lines, and you need to be sure that you have done something that draws the lines clearly.


You can seek our overlaps when you need to be sure that you have the right information about there the lines should go. That will be helpful when you are trying to make sure you and your neighbors that are not sure about the lines.


Easements are very important because they are going to make it a lot easier for you to know what is being set apart from the property. That means that you will be able to use property lines to show what easements need to be set up for you.

Bodies Of Water

You also have to be sure that you have gone over all the bodies of water to see where the property lines go. They are going to change a lot, and you have to make sure that you have drawn the lines in the right places. That is why you need Adkan to survey your land for you.


A driveway does not always fit in with the property, and it is something that you have to make sure is done the right way for your sanity. It is very easy for you to get what you need when the driveway is not perfect.


Improvements have been made in areas where the property has to be changed, and that is why the surveyor has to make sure that they check the lines. anything that you do is going to help show where the lines are now sitting.

Utility Lines

The utility lines that are in your area are going to be very hard for you to manage because they have to show where they sit. Someone is going to be paying for a lease on that land needs to know where the lines are.


Cemeteries need to be made so that they will be able to fit into a property. They are zoned for that use, and it is something that you will be able to manage when you are working on the lines for your development.


Getting in and out of the area is part of the property plan, and it is something that people need to be sure that they have measured and drawn out.


The zoning that people are going to do is going to help them to be sure that the zoning can be changed when it is time for new purposes.

When it comes to developing, reselling, purchasing, or transfer of land, be sure to contact us here at Adkan Engineers to help you with your land survey. With professional, qualified land surveyors on our team, we assure that you'll get a detailed perspective about the land you're looking at, and what you can and cannot do to it in return.

Surveys Are Necessary For Every Land Transfer

A Bird's Eye View of a Neighborhood

Land surveys are an integral part of every property transaction. Regardless of why the property is transferred, or how recent the previous transfer was, it is still necessary to have a survey performed. Old surveys may have been accurate when they were completed, but they cannot account for any changes that have occurred since they were performed. It is very easy to forget small changes over time, especially if it appears as if nothing has changed. There are several reasons why regularly updated surveys are important. 

Defining the Boundaries

Boundary lines are the main reason for every survey. Public records rely on accurate surveying to determine tax rates and zoning and prevent encroachment. Keeping track of any easements is also important. Not only for those that need the easements, but to keep people aware of the situation when they are purchasing the land after the easement was established. 

Recording the Changes

Surveys update all changes in and around the property. Updates and improvements to the land are noted. New easements that did not exist are added and expired ones are removed. Any changes to the boundaries are included. Most often this occurs when people are selling a parcel from the lot or when the municipality needs a portion for community purposes. 

Following All Rules

When purchasing property most people purchase an insurance policy on their title as well. Surveys are necessary before any new policy can begin. Since title insurance protects the purchaser against issues that are not recorded on the survey they want to make certain the most accurate and updated survey possible is available. This insurance is usually purchased for one of two reasons. Either the mortgage lender insists as part of the contract or the new owner wants the added protection for themselves. 

Guaranteeing the Result

Surveys are only as good as the company that performs them. Reputable, established companies offer guarantees of the accuracy of what they have produced. A surveying company that performed a survey decades ago may no longer be in business. If their survey is no longer accurate or was done incorrectly at the time there is no protection for the property owner. 

It is very easy to find stories about homeowners embroiled in a battle with their neighbors over where the boundary is located. Surveying prevents these battles and avoids the unhappy result of discovering that the property is not as large as it seemed when it was purchased. Adkan Engineers protect investments and prevent complications. Adkan is available for any size surveying project and has extensive experience in the industry.

Land Surveying is Important to Our History

The science and practice of land surveying began in the ancient times of the Pharaohs in Egypt. Surveying and the concept of private property seem to go hand in hand. Before the concept of private property and the administration of land use, there was only rule by strength of force. In Egypt, the administration designated private property as farm fields which could be assigned to individuals who would pay a percentage of their farming profits for the use of the land. In order to organize property and set boundary limits, surveying in a crude form was implemented. Rope-stretchers armed only with a crude sighting instrument, the dioptra, and their measured ropes would delineate individual properties for their owners and ultimately for the administration to know the owner of the land in order to collect taxes. 

The Greeks with their love of mathematics applied math to surveying. It was Pythagoras who developed his theorem for the area of any triangle. The Pythagorean Theorem is a valuable concept learned by every surveyor since the discovery of the Theorem in the sixth century before the Christian era (BCE).

After the mathematical advances by the Greeks and a slowly evolving dioptra, the Romans used the science of surveying in the building of roads and aqueducts for the expansion of their empire.

As the concept of private property became entrenched in civilization, the science of surveying was there to accommodate the land owners whose properties would serve as a tax base for the administration surveying the land areas under their control.

Spain and England began empire building and acquired land by undertaking naval explorations. Surveyors were needed to create maps and demarcate harbor areas in foreign lands. 

The science of surveying continues as an integral part of civilization and as private properties multiply so too does the need for competent surveyors. They are easily recognized by their use of a very advanced dioptra called a theodolite transit mounted on a tripod accompanied by a helper holding a specially designed surveyor's rod. The need for surveying and surveyors will only amplify into the future as new technology including GPS and laser marking extend the tools used by surveyors and produce more accurate measurements. With all the technical advances in surveying, it is still important to think back to the Egyptian rope-stretchers and their simple dioptra and recognize their efforts which market the very beginning of the science of surveying.

Don't Be Cited For Not Having a Land Survey

A land surveyor can help you determine the boundaries of your property. This is especially important for construction work on your property including additions and fencing. Land surveyors can help you tremendously because they deal exclusively with property surveying. Determining your land boundaries requires specific technology and equipment. Get the precise measurements you need from a qualified professional land surveyor to determine your boundaries. Moreover, avoid building or construction on neighboring property that can result in financial sanctions and removal of the property. 

Zoning is controlled by city and county ordinances and violation of these ordinances can result in court sanctions and fines. A land surveyor can do a full inspection of the property giving you insight into which area of your land is suitable for building projects. A land surveyor can help you avoid underground wires, cable,and gas lines. If you decide to skip using a surveyor it can result in huge fines later on. Don't risk being cited for being in violation of a city or county zoning ordinance. Consult your local land surveyor for more details on your property boundaries. 

A real estate purchase can be a huge financial investment and a land surveyor can help determine how much land is included in your purchase of a home or commercial business before you sign on the dotted line. Knowing the property lines can help you estimate the full value of your investment. Having the precise land measurements are important before you finalize the paperwork. If you're adding more space to your home or fencing to a new purchase by law you must know the property boundaries. The last thing a new home buyer expects is boundaries issues that can create a financial nightmare. 

What Does Professional Land Surveying Include

- Land title surveys 
- Boundary surveys 
- Resident/Commercial/Property surveys 
- Construction stacking 
- Builders surveyor 
- Forensic survey service 
- and much more...

A professional land surveyor will help you determine your zone. A considerable amount of technology could be needed to determine the position of your land. More importantly, it's important to find a trustworthy land surveyor that will be thorough. They should be willing to explain the conclusion of their results and answer any of your questions during the time of the survey. Being flexible and reasonably priced is equally as important. A professional surveyor should have the precision to help you accurately distinguish your land. A surveyor performs more than fieldwork they are behind the boundaries of actual building and construction. Consult us today so we may set you up with a qualified land surveyor!