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Debunking 5 Misconceptions About Land Surveying

Debunking 5 Misconceptions About Land Surveying

Land surveying isn't as easy as drawing a line to separate two properties. It's much more complicated than that, which is why so many people have misconceptions about what a land survey is and why they need one. There's plenty of false information out there, with a huge potential to mislead you about land surveying. Not anymore. Today, we're going to clear up these 7 common misconceptions about land surveys.

3 Best Ways to Handle Encroachments

3 Ways to Handle Encroachments

Dealing with encroachments can be tough, especially if the other party has already developed on your property. Luckily there are measures in place that can help you resolve the predicament without too many problems. In most cases, you can solve boundary and encroachment disputes without having to involve legal teams of any kind.

Here's a few common ways to deal with an encroaching neighbor quickly and easily. The biggest factor in all of this is the friendliness of your neighbor. The more amicable they are, the greater your chances are of resolving the dispute and moving forward. While that may not always be possible, it's a goal everyone should have to get along with the people who own the other side of your property line.