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Benefit from Getting a Land Survey

Land Surveyor on a plot of land

With the explosion of urbanization, it’s important for any landowner to make sure that they have a land survey. Knowing what you own is big knowledge for any homeowner, as you can figure out if you are truly getting what you paid for. Obtaining a land survey is amongst the most important financial decisions any homeowner can make these days, and here’s why.

Why Get a Land Survey

Getting a land survey is the first and easiest step to claim the land that you own. With a land survey, you can verify possible encroachments on your property. This may include a new tree that your neighbor planted, a fence being rebuilt after a storm, and more.

A big concern is knowing what the boundaries of your property are. Not all boundaries are drawn out with 4 corners, so being aware of where your property ends and where your neighbors start is a big plus to developing on land you don’t own and having to remove and rebuild it in the future.

Land surveys are great for protecting your investment. When you get a land survey, it will reveal the exact dimensions of your property, including size and location. If you are a landowner planning on building a home, be careful where you add new features. Drawing out a driveway or fence and having it cross your boundary lines can result in major disputes when the land around you is developed.

Homes aren’t the only reason to get a land survey. Huge acreage such as farmland need land surveys too. Some of these owners decide to divide their land and sell each portion to family or friends to make money. Land surveys can easily draw out new boundaries for each section to prevent anyone from taking more than what they were given.

The Cost of a Land Survey

Getting a land survey is rather straight-forward. Our experts here at Adkan Engineers can tell you just how easy it is. The price of a land survey varies by the type of survey you require, the type of terrain your property is, and what available documents you have already about your land.

The best part about a land survey’s cost is that it will save you money in the end. Should you not get a land survey, and run into a territorial dispute, you could be spending thousands through the court system, to buying out the land you built on, and even destroying whatever was built across your boundaries. Doesn’t seem fun, but that is the cost of not getting a land survey.

Learn What You Own Through Land Surveys

Woman taking a land survey of her farm estate

There are many reasons to obtain a land survey of your property. Knowing where your property lines are for your home can be a very difficult process, but can be important in the future. It is crucial to know where you property lines are so your land development can stay in your plot of land. Should you not take the time to do this, you could be facing legal disputes with neighbors or other businesses in the area. You want to avoid any legal disputes that may arise, as they are not fun to deal with regarding land. Here are a few resources that you can use to determine your property lines.

If you simply want to figure out where your boundary lines are on your property, you can obtain a land survey. With a land survey, you will receive the most accurate results of your property, including any boundary or topographic changes. Land surveys are unlike the deed to your house. While a deed may include detailed information about your property when it was first lined out, it isn't the same as getting a land survey.

Getting a land survey can avoid any pitfalls when it comes to land disputes. Should you run into any land problems with a neighbor or another business, the first stop you should be taking is at an assessor's office. Most assessor's office have on hand detailed land surveys of each and every property within the area, many of them up to date on your boundary lines. You can use these land surveys to take measurements of your own land and approximate how much you actually own. These figures may not exactly be accurate, but sometimes this is all you need.

Should you not find an updated land survey of your property at the assessor's office, and require a new land survey, don't be afraid to contact us here at Adkan Engineers for a new one. Getting a land survey is critical to the development of your land, whether commercial or residential as it can prevent any problems with your boundary lines conflicting with others. Having all the paperwork necessary to prove to anyone that you own what you own makes getting a land surveying all the more important. For more information about land surveying or to schedule a land survey today, give us a call!