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The Importance of a Quality Land Survey

3 Construction Workers left next to a Theodolite

2017 might be the year you decide to acquire a new piece of land. Whether it is for commercial, residential or other reasons, you have a lot to take care of. Your budget may differ from other people that are doing the same, as well as location and design, but one thing that everyone can agree on is that you need a land survey for your new estate. Getting a proper land survey completed for your plot of land can very well save money and headaches down the road.

Why are Land Surveys Necessary?

Land surveys are typically the first thing that needs to be accomplished before anything major can happen on a site. Land surveyors are usually the first team on a project, to measure and map out the land you are wanting to construct on. The measurements that the survey provides are what architects, engineers and workers use to design and plan out what you are wanting to create. Land surveys are almost mandatory in most places, as many building companies will not proceed unless you have one completed.

Benefit from a Land Survey

There is no reason to question why you shouldn’t acquire a land survey when you are looking at buying a new property. A land survey provides detailed information about the boundaries of the land which you own, what is on the land, and what may be built on top of your property.

Land surveys give you accurate data about the plot of land you have. It provides some simple data as well as some more complicated ones. What is the actual size of your property? Where is it located? Is the ground structurally sound? Is the land prone to flooding? Where may the sewage and water lines run from? These are just some questions that can be answered with the information taken from a land survey.

Getting a land survey before you purchase a property is also a good practice. When you get an updated land survey that has all the information about the land you are looking at, you can decide if the land is really worth the money the seller is asking for. It’s also good to have a survey at this time, because then you can see whether the land is right for your needs. You don’t want to be buying a lot to build a home on if the area is known for fires or worse.

Choose Adkan Engineers for your next Land Survey

Here at Adkan, one of our specialties is land surveying. We are one of the best in the Riverside County and extend our service across the country. For more information, contact us online or by giving us a call at 951.688.0241.

The Role of Land Surveys as a Measure of Quality

Land Surveyor Using a Theodolite at a Construction Site

Surveying is the process of determining the exact coordinates of the various points of a map. During surveys, data such as distance, angles and inclination are collected. From the collected data, qualified surveyors are then able to determine where various boundaries lie, and the distance between various points in the map. Land surveys play a significant role in all aspects of constructions. This is so because even basic factors such as the angle of land, and the composition of soil and soil structure may determine the value of the land and the stability of the premise to be put up on a given piece of land. Carrying out surveys has many benefits.

1. To obtain up-to-date plans of the given property

Carrying out surveys is emphasized even in cases where there are available records of previous surveys. this is because there are many aspects of property that may change over a period of time. Such aspects may include a change in the market value of property, a decline in the state of the property, an improvement of the property and even change in laws affecting the property in question. Carrying out a survey therefore provides up-to-date data that may be relied upon to make decisions.

2. To determine the legal boundary of a piece of land.

There have been numerous cases where one party has been duped into buying a piece of land only to later learn that the boundaries of the plot they bought were not as they had previously been told. This results in both financial losses and unending court battles. To avoid such occurrences, it is important to carry out surveys in order to define the exact boundaries of the plot in question. 

3. To Guarantee Value for money

Surveys are often requested by the buyer of a parcel of land with the aim of confirming that the amount of money they are going to pay is a reflection of the value of lad they are acquiring. After the survey has been completed, the final price of a parcel of land can then be agreed upon.

4. Adhering to the laws governing purchase of land

Even in cases where the survey records are current, the law requires that survey be carried out yet again to ensure that the information records about the piece of land are accurate. This ensures smooth transfer of ownership between the involved parties.