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The Role of Land Surveys as a Measure of Quality

Land Surveyor Using a Theodolite at a Construction Site

Surveying is the process of determining the exact coordinates of the various points of a map. During surveys, data such as distance, angles and inclination are collected. From the collected data, qualified surveyors are then able to determine where various boundaries lie, and the distance between various points in the map. Land surveys play a significant role in all aspects of constructions. This is so because even basic factors such as the angle of land, and the composition of soil and soil structure may determine the value of the land and the stability of the premise to be put up on a given piece of land. Carrying out surveys has many benefits.

1. To obtain up-to-date plans of the given property

Carrying out surveys is emphasized even in cases where there are available records of previous surveys. this is because there are many aspects of property that may change over a period of time. Such aspects may include a change in the market value of property, a decline in the state of the property, an improvement of the property and even change in laws affecting the property in question. Carrying out a survey therefore provides up-to-date data that may be relied upon to make decisions.

2. To determine the legal boundary of a piece of land.

There have been numerous cases where one party has been duped into buying a piece of land only to later learn that the boundaries of the plot they bought were not as they had previously been told. This results in both financial losses and unending court battles. To avoid such occurrences, it is important to carry out surveys in order to define the exact boundaries of the plot in question. 

3. To Guarantee Value for money

Surveys are often requested by the buyer of a parcel of land with the aim of confirming that the amount of money they are going to pay is a reflection of the value of lad they are acquiring. After the survey has been completed, the final price of a parcel of land can then be agreed upon.

4. Adhering to the laws governing purchase of land

Even in cases where the survey records are current, the law requires that survey be carried out yet again to ensure that the information records about the piece of land are accurate. This ensures smooth transfer of ownership between the involved parties.

Take Full Advantage of a Land Survey

Image of a Theodolite Sitting at an Intersection

Property development companies often build single family houses on large tracts of land, and this makes them important clients for survey companies. Each parcel to be sold must have known physical boundaries, and the developer needs to know exactly where they are before the project begins. Having their property surveyed helps them to see exactly how they can best split the property into home lots, and they can then plan their new community for the best results possible.

While the majority of neighbors get along with each other, there are always some people who want more. They often encroach upon their neighbors’ land by building fences or clearing land that does not belong to them. The best legal remedy for this is to hire a surveyor to establish accurate physical property boundaries, and this information can be taken to the neighbor or the court if necessary.

Road widening has become an important issue as traffic increases, and surveyors are often seen before these projects begin. Their work will help determine the actual width of the new road, and it will also establish how much property is being taken away from adjoining properties when the road is built. Once the information is filed with local government, residents and businesses whose land is diminished will find their property tax bills have become smaller.

All across every community, there are permanent markers used by surveyors. These are known as specified locations or spots, and they are the basis of measuring. Each parcel of property is defined in relation to these markers, so the surveyors are able to give an accurate physical location for each property boundary. Without them, surveyors would not be able to do their work as quickly and accurately as necessary.

Land boundaries have always been important to those who own a parcel of land, and they have increased in value as the world becomes more crowded. People now live in close proximity, and they want to be assured no one will take their land by building a fence or building without their consent. Large developments have become the norm, and developers must have accurate knowledge of the property to place the buildings or divide it into lots. Surveyors are responsible for ensuring the owners of any property know the actual physical location of what they own, and they provide them with updated markers so they can continue to see the true boundaries of it.