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Getting Your Plans Approved by the City

Land Planning - Get Your Plans Approved by the City

You may be looking at adding on to your home, and you probably know that you need to obtain a permit from the city before anything can start. That's where Adkan Engineers can help. As licensed land surveyors and land planners, we can help you get through this process without trouble. See what you need to do to earn that permit, before making additions to your home.

Understand What You Can Do With Your Land

The process starts by zoning your property. This is to help identify the zoning requirements of your property. Zoning defines the land's natural and concrete boundaries. It addresses the maximum height, allowable area and more about your land and how you can build on top of it. What's more, zoning will determine if your land meets your local city planning codes for what you have now and what you want to build.

Start this entire process the right way by calling for a certified, licensed, land surveyor at Adkan Engineers.

Create a Construction Plan

Follow up zoning your land by mapping out your project. You'll need to create a complete outline for your project that doesn't break any building codes set by the city. Work with a professional land planner that has a clear understanding of preparing and processing land-use applications and other permits to get your construction plan all set.

Once you have these plans laid out, you'll need to submit them to the city for approval. The official city planner will go over your plans and make sure they are following all building codes. If not, they'll send you back to the drawing board with corrections. Chances of your outline getting approval the first time around is very rare; some projects go through the process of submitting to the city a dozen times before going on to the next step. Most projects take around 4-5 tries before any plan gets approval. Check with your city before submitting your plans the first time around, as many cities charge an hourly rate for plan checking.

Note that you won't just be working with the city planner on your addition to your home. You'll have to get in touch with other departments, such as Planning, Engineering and Building to get your project done. They'll be on top of your project as well, making sure the construction process sticks to what's in writing.

Once you find approval for your plans, only then will you obtain a building permit to start construction.

But Wait There's More!

Construction is going to take a while, and anything can go wrong at any time. The city planner will send an inspector out to your home to see if, indeed, your project is following all building codes. Oftentimes the inspector will find something wrong, and will halt the project until you resolve the problem.

Clearly, an addition to your home can be a bit troublesome. For you, it's a learning curve. For us, it's just another day we help those confused about their plans or project and don't know how to get it moving. At Adkan Engineers, we work on your behalf to get your design moving along with the city and saving you time and energy approaching this lengthy process yourself.  Contact us today online or by phone at (951) 688-0241 for more information or to request a proposal for your project.