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5 Reasons to Get a Land Survey

Reason to Get a Land Survey from Adkan Engineers

Only good things come out of getting a land survey. For starters, land surveys are imperative to illustrating, in detail, the makeup and boundaries of your piece of land. Whether you’re a current landowner or a prospective buyer, obtaining a land survey of the estate should be the first item on your to-do list. In this article, we’d like to explain the 5 biggest advantage for acquiring a land survey.

List of Reasons Why You Need a Land Survey

Civil engineers know, land surveys come first prior to any architectural design or construction. Land surveys makes it a whole lot easier to plan any structural limitations and speed up the construction process without conflict.

To begin with, a land survey is nothing like ‘eyeballing’ a plot of land. More times than not, ‘eyeballing’ leads to future land disputes and incredible expenses for the landowner in wrong. A land survey outlines definitive property boundaries, making it easy to plan construction within your piece of land without causing trouble with current or future estate neighbors.

Next up is determining the value of the land. A land surveyor takes into consideration the location, landscape details, hardscape and the existing deed of the land to make an accurate land survey. An accurate land survey certainly marks up the property without over or underestimating its value.

Land surveys map out the topography of the land. Topography encumbers more than just terrain details. When a land surveyor comes out to oversee the plot of land, they’ll consider structural issues, proneness to natural disasters, condition of the soil and access to natural resources. This part of a land survey will surface any problems within the piece of land, and will help with addressing them before any construction begins.

In lots of cases (such as commercial malls and business complexes), multiple owners split a large plot of land. A land survey can divvy up a property into smaller, pre-determined portions, putting a pricetag on each portion in correlation to its quality and size without room for inaccuracy.

Choose Adkan Engineers for Your Next Property Expense

Get in touch with a company that’s been around for over 30 years. Here at Adkan, we’ve made it our mission to provide customer satisfaction by putting all our energy into making sure we do our jobs right, the first time. Land surveying is a key part to get prior to any property investment or development, as noted with the reasons above. There’s little reason to not get a land survey, especially when it helps avoid future boundary problems. Give us a call today at (951) 688-0241, or contact us online to schedule a land surveyor to come out and help with your property needs today!t